Pre-Owned Items

Inspected. Tested. Guaranteed.

Pre-owned items sold by Mac Pros include a 60-day limited warranty. Some pre-owned items may have AppleCare which might extend warranty coverage.

Description Price SKU
USED iMac VESA (21.5-in L2013)2.7GHz QC i5/ 16GB/ 628GB FD with stand $549.00 U-IM0090MP-L13
USED iMac (21.5-in L2013)2.7GHz QC i5/ 8GB/ 1TB HD $449.00 U-IM0200JS-L13
USED iMac (21.5-in L2012)3.1GHZ QC i7/ 16GB/ 256GB SSD $449.00 U-IM0200MR-L12
USED iMac (27-in L2013)3.2GHz QC i5/ 16GB/ 256GB SSD $649.00 U-IM0649MP-L13
USED iMac (21.5-in L2013)2.9GHz QC i5/ 8GB/ 1TB FD $499.00 U-IM4433MP-L13
USED LG 27MU88-W 27in Display $649.00 U-LG27MU88W
USED MacBook Pro (13-in E2015)2.7GHz DC i5/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD $599.00 U-MB0075DC-E15
USED MacBook Pro (13-in L2013)2.6GHz DC i5/ 8GB/ 512GB SSD $549.00 U-MB0200JC-L13
USED MacBook Air (13-in 2017)1.8GHz DC i5/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD $799.00 U-MB0300GJ-17
USED MacBook Pro (13-in 2017)3.1GHz DC i5/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD/ 4TBT 3 $999.00 U-MB0675EB-17
USED MacBook Pro (16-in 2019)2.6GHz 6C i7/ 16GB/ 512GB SSD $2,099.00 U-MB1400JD-19
USED MacBook Pro (15-in 2018)2.2GHz 6C i7/ 16GB/ 512GB SSD/ Radeon Pro 555X $1,999.00 U-MB1699CA-18
DEMO Mac mini (2018)3.6GHz QC i3/ 8GB/ 128GB SSD $649.00 U-MM0743MP-18
USED Mac Pro (Late 2013)3.7GHz QC X/ 16GB/ 256GB SSD $999.00 U-MP0700AS-L13
USED Smart Cover for iPad Pro10.5-in Gray $25.00 U-PA0015NM
USED Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5", 3rd Gen. Air, 7th & 8th Gen. $59.00 U-PA0025AB
USED Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 1st/2nd gen $49.00 U-PA0025JB
USED Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5-in (includes back case) $89.00 U-PA0040SJ
USED iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case - Soft White $79.00 U-PH0040KA
USED iPhone 7 Plus/ 256GB/ Unlocked/ Black $299.00 U-PH0166PS
REFURB iPhone 5s 16GB Silver $283.95 U-PH0284RR
REFURB iPhone 7 Plus/ 256GB/ AT&T/ Gold $349.00 U-PH0337AH
USED Apple Watch Series 2/ 42 mm / Stainless Steel / Black Sport Band $99.00 U-WA0150DF-S3
USED Apple Watch Series 4/ 40mm/ Nike/ GPS/ Sp Gray/ Milanese Loop $199.00 U-WA0150TL-S4
USED Apple Watch Series 5/ 40mm/ GPS/ Gold w/Black Metal Band $249.00 U-WA0186DO-S5
USED Apple Watch Series 5/ 40mm/ GPS/ Sp Gray/ Milanese Loop $299.00 U-WA0250TL-S5
USED Apple Watch Series 5/ 44mm/ Cell/ SS/ Milanese Loop $599.00 U-WA0350DS-5G
USED WD My Book3TB Ext. Drive $99.00 U-ZZ0014TL