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Meet Our Pros

Okay, so we're not that cool. We spend more time restoring hard drives and zapping PRAM than honing our social skills. We strive for digital enlightenment and prefer evenings alone with our computers. It's creepy but it works out well for our customers who rely on us for the kind of quality Macintosh sales and service help that you just can't get online or at the big electronics superstores.

We're the Apple Premier Partner in town and proud of it. We're also proud of our many Apple certifications, and the top rankings we consistently score on Apple's website with regard to Apple product expertise among resellers in South Dakota. We truly are "the store that knows Macs."

Our secret sauce, the Mac pros:

Image of Gary Rensch

Gary Rensch

Owner & President

Gary took his degree in English straight to the printing industry where he worked as a copy editor and page layout apprentice on the earliest Apple "desktop publishing" equipment. It was the late 1980s, the stone age of digital prepress. But he was on a Mac even then, and it was the beginning of a revolution. In 1994 Gary started Electronic Publishing Services (EPS) a home business that specialized in Macintosh sales and services for graphics professionals. Today Gary is the proud and involved owner/president of Mac Pros, Inc. providing the vision and direction for the company, handling media advertising, infrastructure and remodeling projects, and solving problems. Most recently Gary has been deeply involved in extensive makeovers for Mac Pros, inside and out. The goal is to provide the best possible Apple retail experience for our customers. And today we are very close to achieving that goal. Gary’s favorite Mac hobby is creating heart-melting music videos for his friends and family.

Image of Allen Newman

Allen Newman

Store Manager

Allen's first computer experience was learning BASIC programming on a TRS-80 Model I in sixth grade, but that was before he tried MacPaint on the original Apple Macintosh — that was a magic moment in 1984! Feeling empowered, Allen jumped right into graphic design, creating his junior high school yearbook cover, his high school choir department logo, and writing and illustrating articles for his local Apple user group's newsletter. Before his frequent visits to his local computer store inspired his career choice, Allen's Mac skills shaped his college years, where he was design editor and unofficial Mac I.T. guy of his college newspaper and also learned digital sound design for theatre.

Allen has over 20 years' retail experience, starting in 1997 as a salesperson at Computer Solutions, and as office manager at Mac Pros since its founding in 2004. As store manager, Allen helps our sales and service teams improve customer service, handles our day-to-day relationships with Apple and other vendors, orders products and supplies, manages our point-of-sale software, website, and social media, schedules staff, does our payroll, and keeps our books. Allen also helped update our building facade and logo designs. When he's not at work, Allen enjoys using a Mac mini as a home media center.

Image of Christopher Raymond

Christopher Raymond

Service Operations Manager / I.T. Specialist

Christopher got his start on Apple technology while working for our owner, Gary Rensch, at Electronic Publishing Services (EPS) of Sioux Falls back in the late 1990s. Christopher took excellent care of his digital prepress clients during those early years, until the urge to break out on his own and take on greater challenges took him to the Twin Cities metropolitan area. There he started MacWorks, a small Apple I.T. service company that provided fast and reliable Apple-related services to his many small business customers. But that’s not all. Christopher started programming in BASIC when he was just eleven years old, and later immersed himself in the study and support of Internet technologies when the World Wide Web took its first baby steps in the 1990s. Over the years, he has built a number of dynamic, data-drive web sites and web applications. His favorite web language is PHP. His favorite creative hobby, digital photography.

In the spring of 2018, Christopher joined the team at Mac Pros as our Service Operations Manager and I.T. specialist. Christopher loves working with his hands, building networks, upgrading and repairing Apple products, multi-tasking all the way. Christopher brings a lot to the table at Mac Pros—organization, fast and efficient service, and high customer satisfaction! There is no doubt he will achieve all of that and take our service department to the highest level of success in our history.

  • Apple Certified Mac Technician
  • Apple Certified iOS Technician
Image of Weston Yager

Weston Yager

Technical Services Manager

Weston has been with Mac Pros since 2012. And when it comes to Apple hardware knowledge and repair skills, and knowing all the details of Apple’s rules, programs and procedures, Weston is without equal. 

  • Apple Certified Mac Technician
  • Apple Certified iOS Technician
Image of Richard Rensch

Richard Rensch

Renaissance Man

Richard is our resident jack-of-all-trades here at Mac Pros. When he's not helping our customers purchase just the right Mac or iPad for their needs, he is probably processing pre-owned trade-ins or lining up next month's selection of Apple-related training sessions, which he is also responsible for teaching. Want a trade-in quote? Have a question about training? Talk to Richard.

Image of Elana Hicks

Elana Hicks

Apple Specialist

Elana is an Apple Specialist sales associate.

Image of Ronn Williams

Ronn Williams

Service Technician

  • Apple Certified Mac Technician
  • Apple Certified iOS Technician
Image of Collin Newell

Collin Newell

Apple Specialist

Collin is an Apple Specialist sales associate.

Image of Alec Steiner

Alec Steiner

Apple Specialist

  • Apple Certified Mac Technician
  • Apple Certified iOS Technician
Image of Elijah Bird

Elijah Bird

Apple Specialist

Elijah is an Apple Specialist sales associate.

Image of Mike Dircksen

Jonah Barnett

Apple Specialist

Jonah is an Apple Specialist sales associate.

Image of LeRoy Dean

LeRoy Dean

Apple Specialist

LeRoy is an Apple Specialist sales associate.

Image of Mike Dircksen

Mike Dircksen

Apple Specialist

Mike is an Apple Specialist sales associate.